About the Horizon Report: K-12 Edition

Horizon Reports

Horizon.K12 started as a project in 2009, launched under the banner of the New Media Consortium's Horizon Project to apply the process developed for the New Media Consortium's Horizon Report with a focus on emerging technologies for K-12 learning institutions. The Horizon Report: 2009 K-12 Edition was released in March of 2009 and was downloaded more than 20,000 times in its first nine months from the NMC website alone.

This project continues in 2010, again with cooperation from the Coalition of School Networking (CoSN) and support from Hewlett Packard's Office of Global Social Innovation. The 2010 Horizon.K12 Advisory Board was convened in January 2010 and will be conducting its research and discussion in this wikispace. The Horizon Report: 2010 K-12 Edition will be released in April, 2010.

Members of the K-12 education community are encouraged to follow the Advisory Board's progress as the discussion unfolds and to use the wiki as a resource and reference tool. It is the record of the processes used, materials referenced, research methods, and decisions that were part of creating the 2010 Horizon.K12 Report. It is meant to provide a deep resource of materials that will underpin the Report.

Any interested party is encouraged to participate in the Horizon.K12 Project, as users of and contributors to the wiki, or by tagging resources in delicious.com, using the Project's tag hzk10.