How to be Part of the Process

Horizon Reports

This wiki is open to the public to read, but only members of the current Horizon Project Advisory Board have access to edit during the project's process. While that group is limited in number, there are a number of ways you can contribute before and after the report is done.

Social Bookmarking

During a current process, we monitor social bookmarking for technologies, projects, and resources to consider as part of the report development. After a report is done, this can grow as an expanding resource for everybody. Tag in delicious any resources related to the current report with hzk10 and include the extra tags for the six topics:

And if you are looking ahead, you can start signaling resources relevant to next year's report by tagging them now as hz11k12

Comment on the Report

The online version of this year's report is published in format, which provides a means to add comments to a specific paragraph in the report- join the discussions about the report.

Submit a Project Example

While we have already collected the examples of projects that are published in the most recent report, we are continually soliciting for ones to be considered in future ones. Share your project via

Share the Report

Every Horizon Report is published under Creative Commons as a free PDF from the NMC web site. Get the 2010 Horizon Report: K12 Edition . Download the report, share it or the link via any means! You can find a full directory of every Horizon Report at

We also have provided a generalized presentation deck that you can view, download, and customize for your own use. This is available at

And do not forget to mine the project wiki- there are many resources that do not make it into the final report- see for example the 12 topics on the 2010 Short List or the collection of resources in the Press Clippings .

Nominate Yourself for a Future Horizon Advisory Board

If you would like to be part of a future Horizon project, sign up via our form at